Graphic Design

Since design and style is important to us, we also offer the services of young and progressive graphic designers who can create a complete visual representation of a company, its individual brands and products (layouts of web pages, presentations, printed materials etc).

Photo & TV production

We provide a team of professionals from a photographer or cameraman to editing of the material in all common formats. We make television-quality commercial videos.

Event management

We organise social events as well as press conferences.


Corporate Social Responsibility is a tool that has the potential to substantially contribute not only to the company’s internal culture. It can make the company more attracitve also from the outside – for its business partners as well as the public. We will help you go about it the right way!

Media training

We provide consultancy services in the area of effective communication with the media. The aim is to teach clients to present themselves, or the company they represent, in a professional way. The training may include preparation for a TV interview in the authentic environment of a TV studio.

Crisis communication

We provide communication with the media in times of unusual or unexpected events, which require an immediate reaction towards the media or clients.

Internal communication

We provide consultancy services in the area of internal company communication which aims to make the communication among individual employees easier and more efficient.

Corporate communication

We offer consultancy services in the area of a company’s presentation towards the public (including the visual side: website, printed materials etc.). The aim of a good company representation is to raise overall awareness about the brand.

Product communication

We provide a complete consultancy service in the area of product promotion from PR to marketing to visual representation.

Media analyses

We provide media monitoring and do complete media analyses. A media analysis offers important data and information about a client’s media image , which in turn helps to make strategic planning more efficient.

Media relations

We provide a full service in the area of communication with the media. We write and distribute press releases, arrange interviews and encourage an overall presence of the clients and their work in the media.

Strategic consultancy

We draw up a PR or marketing strategy that meets the client’s demands while remaining within the budget and on schedule.

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